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So what is kamp creative?

A creative studio that specializes in modern commercial video production + photography. We are based in the greater NYC area and are available for projects, shoots, and gigs wherever we’re needed.

We work together to create and produce unique content for businesses and people that we believe in. We don’t work with everyone and if you’re looking for ordinary/overly professional/been-there-done-that content, we’re definitely not for you.

If you’re working hard everyday on a business that you believe in, that means something to you and your customers - especially if you’re making a difference in the lives of others or creating something really cool - we just might be the right fit.

Meet the owners

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Director of Photography

Specialties - Photo | Editing | Audio

Loves - Pups | Big windows | Beer

Hates - Ulterior motives | Grapefruits | Flip flops

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Director of Production

Specialties - Production | Marketing | Social Media

Loves - Houseplants | Road trips | Food

Hates - Bad drivers | Wasted time | Spam calls

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Director of Cinematography

Specialties - Video | Editing | Lighting

Loves - Modern coffee | Being outdoors | Dogs

Hates - Being hungry | Tech issues | Raw onions

Ok, you guys seem cool, but is it just the 3 of you?

Well first of all, thanks for asking this question because we needed a good segue…Short answer yes, long answer, we run the day to day business as well as fully conceptualize/produce and lead all of our productions, but we hire the very best photographers, camera operators, grips and production teams for larger projects that require more people to produce.

Basically we started Kamp Creative as an excuse to work on everything with each other because we are at our very best when we’re working together.

Did anyone make it this far?